Donna Stewart, soprano

Donna Stewart, Soprano

Donna's First Performance

Donna's first performance was in Central Baptist Church when she was 6 years old; for which a member came up, thanked her, took her hand and left money in it (thus marking the acknowledgment and support that she would receive in all of her growing up years in this church). She received her first music instructions through contributions of church members, and she sang in the choir (and in the school's Glee Club) as a member and as a soloist until she went to Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance and has been teaching private voice lessons in Asheville, NC since 7 May 1990.

Donna would like to thank everyone who touched and enriched her life as she grew up in this community - with special acknowledgment and appreciation to Vera Poteat, Nancy McCall, Ralph Collis and Rev. Donald Bratton, who gave her much encouragement, love and support.

"The one who sings, prays twice." - St. Augustine


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