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D o n n a  R o s e
(aka Donna Rose Stewart aka Donna Stewart)

Soprano & Voice Teacher

Donna Rose Stewart - Soprano & Voice Teacher

If You Can Talk, You Can Sing!

Inside: information on Donna Rose & dansing Voice Studio,
student testimonials, FAQs, a vocal store, resources, and more!

*** As of January 2008, I am not taking any new voice students. ***

"The one who sings, prays twice."
- St. Augustine

I recommend Sheet Music Plus for all your sheet music needs,
as they have great customer service, guaranteed low prices,
AND the World's largest selection of sheet music!

To help build, develop, strengthen, heal and unify voice, mind and body
while removing obstacles to enable the hearing and expression
of the voice given by God to share with the world.

"May we forever be dansing(tm)!"

1. to freely sing from and with all that one is, with all of one's Being
2. to let the voice dance and flow from the one Voice within
3. the combining of song and dance, of voice and mind, expressed through the body,
the vehicle through which we communicate while here on earth.
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