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How dansing(tm) Voice Studio Began

I don't remember ever not singing, and all I ever wanted to do was sing. It was never my intention to teach voice. However, at the end of April in 1990, that "Still Small Voice" inside of me told me that it was time for me to teach. Since I had been adamant about the fact that I was a singer (and not a teacher), I questioned this Voice. "It's time for you to teach," it repeated.

Being "a Doubting Thomas" about it, I came up with all the reasons why it could not work, why I could not teach, why I could not possibly be the right person for this job. "It's time for you to teach," the Voice repeated. So, I listened to this Voice (choosing to ignore my doubts, rationalizations and fears), took a leap of faith, and taught my first lesson on May 7, 1990. Thus began dansing(tm) Voice Studio.

Never have I regretted listening to this Voice; and here I am, many years later, loving the fact that I am able to help people sing and express themselves. Yes, teaching can be tedious, difficult, and disappointing at times. But, it is also rewarding, fulfilling, and greatly encouraging at others (as when a student steps out on his/her own and succeeds).

An added benefit has been that in teaching others, I have learned a lot - not only about singing, but about myself, other people, and life. It has, also, taught me how all inclusive singing is (not only is it physical and mental, it is also spiritual, emotional, and psychological) and that if anything is true for voice, it is true for every area of life. Truth transfers to all things - or it is not Truth.

For me, singing is everything (my connection to God and other people, as well as myself) - just not exactly as I envisioned it. Who knew I would touch lives in this way? God works in mysterious ways . . . .

If You Can Talk, You Can Sing!

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If You Can Talk, You Can Sing!

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