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From Donna's Journals

The Wandering Minstrel
by Donna Rose Stewart

Once upon a time there was a traveling minstrel. He traveled far and wide, entertaining everywhere he went. He was a gentle soul, only wanting to please and inspire with his music.

One day he came upon a forest - a beautiful, green forest such as he'd never before seen. As he started into the forest, there seemed to be light coming from deep within. But, before - long before the light, there was deep, intense darkness - a velvety black darkness. The minstrel wasn't at all sure he wanted to travel through that blackness, yet the promise of the light beckoned him.

So, he picked up his flute to give him courage and began playing as he walked into the forest. The further he walked, the blacker it became, until he wasn't so sure of the light anymore. The confused minstrel decided to sit down with his flute on the cool, green grass. As he did so, he heard a voice asking,

"Where are you going?"

The minstrel looked to his right and peered into the darkness. Two fiery eyes were looking back at him. The eyes belonged to a snake that seemed to be dangling from the tree the minstrel had sat beneath.

"I am following the light," said the minstrel. The snake crawled onto a rock to get closer to him.

"Why are you following the light?" asked the snake. "Do you know where it will take you?"

"No," answered the minstrel, "and I am even less sure now of which direction to go that will take me to the light."

"Why not be content to stay here awhile and play for me? You may rest and decide what your next step will be," said the snake.

The minstrel liked the sound of that idea, for he was tired and hungry. He took some food from his pack and ate slowly, enjoying each bite. He drank some water from a nearby stream and lay down to sleep.

As he slept, he dreamed that he was in a strange and unfamiliar world - a world that was filled with shadows that danced and with voices that echoed. Nothing seemed real....

The Wandering Minstrel

And time went by as the minstrel went about his life in this foreign place. He tried to fit in and to understand why he was here and what he was to do. Life was difficult and lonely for the minstrel - it was even hard for him to play his flute. Each time he thought that he had found another being like himself or seemed to be having any type of happiness, everything would fall apart or blowup in his face. He would discover, to his disappointment, that the other beings and things of this world were not what they appeared to be - and he would feel alone and lonely all over again.

(Years Later)

The minstrel sat up and looked around. He was in what looked like a courtyard of some kind. It was beautiful - with flowers, trees and a stream running through the middle of it. He noticed what appeared to be a nymph, staring wide-eyed at him from behind one of the trees. The minstrel smiled and spoke to the nymph, who seemed hesitant and yet curious. So, the minstrel took out his flute and began playing a soothing tune. The nymph seemed to relax somewhat and, slowly, she inched her way toward the minstrel. Soon, the nymph began to move to the music of the flute; and then, she danced around and around the minstrel. This made the minstrel happy and he continued to play and began dancing with the nymph to the rhythm of the music.

All of a sudden, the nymph disappeared and in her place stood the snake that he had met in the dark forest. The minstrel stopped playing and dancing, as he felt a cold shiver run down his spine. He stared in disbelief at the abrupt intrusion of the snake.

"How did you get here!?" asked the minstrel.

"I've been here all along," said the snake. "Don't you remember? We came here together."

The minstrel had been in this place long enough to learn that things were, often, not what they appeared to be. And, he had a twisting in his gut that told him he could not trust this snake.

The snake had seemed friendly enough in the dark forest, but the minstrel had had many experiences and hard lessons since then. Along with these lessons, he had learned to listen to that twist in his gut - it was there to warn him of some danger. And, because of this, the minstrel decided not to engage the snake with any conversation (even though the snake had, certainly, peaked his interest). HAD they come here together? Why couldn't he REMEMBER? The minstrel had many mysteries and unanswered questions that were puzzling him. However, in spite of it all, he simply turned around and walked away from the snake!

The Wandering Minstrel

The Minstrel woke up to find himself in the midst of a party that was progressing, apparently, very well. He was still in the courtyard - but it had been transformed into quite a regal affair. It was night time and there were lights and people everywhere. He now realized that he was in the courtyard of a majestic castle AND in the midst of a masked ball!

As he looked around, he saw the nymph that he had met earlier. She was laughing and dancing in and out among the party-goers. Every now and then, she would stop and do something magical that seemed to delight and intrigue everyone.

"Hello," he heard a soft voice say. He turned to see a woman with the warmest eyes he'd ever seen and a smile that lit up the night sky.

"Hello," he heard himself reply....

Time seemed to stand still and yet go on forever as they "caught up" with each others' life stories. It felt to them that they had always and forever known each other. They learned that they had different and yet very similar experiences on their journey - the journey which had brought them here, to this place and time.

The Minstrel and the Lady shared their time together in newfound joy and delight as time moved on in this strange and now fascinating world. They had much to do, see and accomplish - they no longer felt alone or lonely. They were happy!

The Wandering Minstrel

The trumpets sounded, announcing the arrival of the Queen and King. Their Majesties' entourage came ahead of them to "The Meeting Place." Everyone was excited as there was rumour of BIG NEWS and new developments in the Kingdom. It had been said that the son of the Queen and King had been found and returned home after many, many years of being lost to the Kingdom! However, it was still a mystery to all as to who exactly this son was and how it happened that he was now home.

At this celebration, the Minstrel had been invited to play his flute, along with the Lady who was to sing.

The crowd grew quiet as the Queen and King settled into their positions. The Court's Advisor stood before the crowd and announced the entertainment that was to follow. There were many beautiful, talented and creative performers who were greatly welcomed and appreciated by everyone!

Finally, it was time for the Lady to sing and the Minstrel began playing his flute. As he accompanied the Lady's beautiful voice, a magical thing started to happen! He began to remember how he got here and who he was. He hadn't even realized that he did not know his own name or where he came from! The ENTIRE KINGDOM began to REMEMBER. It was as if a huge fog or giant veil had been lifted from the land and the minds of all who dwelled there!

The Beloved Prince (the Minstrel) had, indeed, come home! He had come home, along with his Lady Love (who was named Donna Rose), to himself, to his Family and to his Kingdom.

And they all lived happily ever after....

"The Beginning."

Copyright © 2000-2007
Donna Rose Stewart, All Rights Reserved


Copyright © 2000-2007
Donna Rose Stewart, All Rights Reserved

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