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06 August 2007:
Wow, on 19 July, I received news that I'd been selected
"Creator Of The Month" for the month of August 2007!
How awesome is that!!!?

You may want to check out the assignments for the month of July first, as that's the month the award was based upon :-D.
(See award below.)

Thank you, Lia, Creators Staff and all Creator Garden Members.
You have inspired and taught me so much!

Donna Rose - Creator Of The Month - August 2007

January 2007: I have been gone from Creators Garden for just over a year and am delighted to be back... Thank you, Veronica and Creators Staff!

For fun and to learn things I know I've missed or simply don't know, I've been doing the Newbie Assignments along with my regular assignments. This category wasn't available when I first joined Creators Garden and I've learned a lot from these tutorials. I have enjoyed doing them very much!

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