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Tips for Singers

Tip 1: WATER

It is most important that you, as a singer (as well as a human), stay hydrated! Our bodies are about 2/3 water, and must have enough water for our organs and glands, etc. to function properly. Did you know that you lose about 1/2 liter of water a day through breathing? And we lose even more when singing or speaking. Most of us are walking around dehydrated. And if dehydrated, the body will take water from the larynx, as singing or speaking is not a priority in the survival of the body. Therefore, the throat become even more dry; and when you sing or speak with a dry throat, you may end up with inflammation &/or hoarseness. And if this abuse continues over time, we can do more serious damage to the sensitive vocal folds.

Coffee, tea, alcohol, or soft drinks do not count towards intake of water, as each of these takes water from your system in order to be processed. Therefore, when you drink any of these, you end up drier than before. What our bodies need is pure water (no chemicals, such as chlorine). Most sources recommend eight cups of water per day. However, not everyone needs that much water each day and some people need more. The more active you are and the more cooked foods you eat, the more water you will need.

An aside note: Dehydration ages us - making us look, feel, and function as older than we are.

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