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Student Testimonials

Dear Donna Rose,

Voice Teacher, Healer, Friend!!!

I was born with song in my heart. As a youngster my parents nurtured my gift. I took many years of voice lessons and received a minor in music performance. Twelve years ago, I sang for an audience more out of duty than pleasure. I stopped singing in front of people. Fast forward to this year. I find myself wanting to sing for listening ears thirsty for truth and inspiration. Happily, I find you! Your ad read, "Do you need help finding, developing and/or expressing your voice?" I knew you were the teacher for me! I rediscovered under your gentle tutoring that singing for the simple joy of being alive has tremendous value. Expression when it is real is automatically perfect! Thank you Donna Rose for being able to teach and communicate with me at a higher consciousness. You are a rare, beautiful and most gifted teacher!

Susan Teeters

Hi Donna,

I would like to say how did I improved my singing with your classes. (i am sorry for my writing).

When I met you 4 month ago I could no undestand what singing was and I fealed many time trying to make myseft sing, but that was not the point because my body allready knew how to do sing. I just have to let it go. So in your class I learned how to know my body as a instrument for music and also my cualities and limitation. We focus in my cualities as a singer and we woked it out with wonderful exercises that made me stronger and more talented. I could say I freedom my voice. Now when I sing is like a religion experiece there is a lot of good feeling. I still do all the exercises and keep trainning to be better.

Thanks God for my voice and for every thing I can do with it when I am singing. Thanks Donna for helping me to discover it and now I can share it with others.

God bless you!!!
Iliana Ramirez

I like the the relaxed nature of your lessons and the specific focus on me as an individual student. This is essentially the reason I wanted to take private lessons in that I was able to discuss my own issues and work with you to resolve them. Vocal study with you has: 1. Improved my singing and speaking voices, 2. Improved my self-confidence, 3. Generally made me a more assertive and direct communicator, and 4. Improved my ear and overall musicianship. Also, the production of sound is an easier process for me. Your focus on tailoring lessons to each individual student has been very valuable. I also am a strong supporter of your method of teaching technique as opposed to only a certain style of singing. That can easily grow from solid technique. I have really enjoyed working with you as you have taken a very holistic teaching route - engaging yourself in the personal lives of your students to allow for more communication as success in voice as well as a successful teacher student relationship is dependent on this approach. You provided the tools and the support for me to develop my voice and for that I thank you. - Matt Monaco

I like the element of discovery, the excitement of learning something new and doing something I did not know I could do vocally. I generally arrive with low energy and quite often feeling negative. But the lesson changes that for me. It's helped me because in studying voice, I face inner fears and work to overcome them. It has also given me a new voice - one that no longer gets hoarse or tired. It has also given me an awareness of how to take better care of my voice. Your attitude of acceptance and support create the perfect atmosphere for true learning. Plus, your vocal method is easy, natural and permanently learned. Thank you so much for teaching, Donna. I know how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to study with you! - Gloria Miller

I like the interactive quality: exercises seem to be chosen, both intuitively and technically, to fit me in the moment. This is student centered teaching, and I like it! It has provided me with another experiential forum for exploring myself in a wholistic way. I have had numerous physical releases of old emotional patterns and memories held in the body. In addition, I have noted an increase in my self-esteem. I have a greater awareness of who I am, along with a growing acceptance and love for my being. I am more aware of my breathing and speaking patterns throughout the day, so that I find myself more physically relaxed. I also sing spontaneously through each day, finding that I feel nurtured and soothed by the sound and sensations. (This is new. I rarely sang, though I had yearning. I used to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with my singing voice -- even in private.) - Maria

The lessons are fun. They have given me self-confidence and helped my lack of concentration. I am also doing a lot better in chorus. Also, they have helped me to make plans and follow through with them, 'cause I enjoy my lessons here, and at all the rest of the lessons I took, I gave up on because I didn't enjoy them. You're the best teacher / friend anyone could ask for. - Pamela Owen

Vocal study with you has given me increased strength and range of voice; along with more confidence and pleasure in singing. - Lynn Miller

You're sensitive, non critical, non-judgmental. You give me lots of information about everything. You make me feel good about myself and about singing. The things I have learned so far give me definite things to work on. I can feel and hear the difference. My two other voice teachers made me nervous and unsure of myself. But you help me feel confident and relaxed. I didn't even understand what they were trying to accomplish; but, with you, I have a clear picture of where this is leading me. - Judy Wolf

Donna, thank you so much for your help in strengthening my voice. I'm able to breathe better and sustain notes better than I have in the past. I've slowly increased my range. This has been a great plus. - Debbie Pitts

I enjoy the flexibility and sensitivity of our lessons. I've never appreciated my voice as I do now - that grows daily. It was all very easy until I abused my voice for so many years. To have to work to achieve the sounds makes them worth more than them coming without study or effort. Your teaching method is far superior to others I've been taught and I would not want to go back to any others I've had before. - Christine Newman

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I appreciate the years of vocal training and friendship. You have inspired me and helped me to rise to previously impossible heights in my musical experience. You have helped me in many ways by teaching me how to use my voice; and now, with my first album, I'm ready to rock n roll! Thank You - with love and respect, Russ - Russ Burgess

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