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The Genius Frequency(tm) Series by John J. Falone

The Genius Frequency(tm) e-book experience!(tm)
by John J. Falone, with Voice Overs by Donna Rose Stewart

Limited Edition: Each e-book numbered & signed by the author!
Available for immediate FREE shipping! $49.95

The Genius Frequency(tm) E-BookExperience!(tm) is a life enhancement learning tool. More than just a book on CD-ROM, it is a work in which one can truly immerse one's very soul.

Easy & Convenient:The E-Book Experience!(tm) runs automatically from your CD Drive. Just insert the CD and it does the rest. It is Self-loading and self-contained. No plug-ins or programs to download and nothing will be installed on your hard drive. Using the E-Book is hassle free and convenient. Take it with you and play it on any PC.

Extensive: NOW! With over 500 pages of text, graphics and sound files, this E-Book Experience!(tm) will provide endless hours of enjoyment, study, contemplation and mind/body/soul expansion. (more - This link opens in a new window.)

Copyright © 1987-2001, 2002, 2003 John J. Falone, All Rights Reserved

The AstroGenius Astrology Readings The AstroGenius Astrology Readings
Personalized Readings by John J. Falone
For information and pricing, please visit here.

The Genius Frequency(tm) Meditation Tapes The Genius Frequency(tm) Meditation Tapes
Meditations by John J. Falone, Voiceovers by Donna Rose Stewart
(coming soon)

The Genius Frequency The Genius Frequency
by John J. Falone
$19.75 + Shipping
414 pages; Trade Paper
ISBN: 0-9704176-0-8
(temporarily out of stock)

Genius is not the result of environmental accidents or genetic mutations. Nor, is it bestowed to a chosen few. Genius is a Frequency of mind and body that permeates all space and matter. Thus, like any frequency, it can be "tuned" into, resonated with, and utilized by the proper methods. This book explains those methods and gives practical exercises for the cultivation of genius. This book is designed to simultaneously teach on many levels of conscience-awareness. Just reading the material can effect and increase in the frequency of the body / mind.

Copyright © 1987-2001, 2002, 2003 John J. Falone, All Rights Reserved

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dansing(tm) Series by Donna Rose Stewart

The Wandering Minstrel
by Donna Rose Stewart
PDF File

The Wandering Minstrel is a fairy tale which speaks to the issues that many of us face in these modern times - the journey that life takes us on; and is played out by a minstrel and his flute, a snake, a prince, a lady, and others.

From Donna's Journals FREE - From Donna's Journals
by Donna Rose Stewart
where you will find entries: How I Healed My Relationship With My Father, Reflections: a letter, Right Tone (of Voice), Voice Is Life, The Healing Power of Voice, Classical Music, My Life Passion, Little Donna, and more.

dansing(tm) Wholistic Fitness and here you may read Donna's articles on Fitness: WEIGHT TRAINING, RAW FOOD, and DANCING

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