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John J. Falone and Donna Rose Stewart
Co-Founders of dansingGenius(tm) and DivineArts Publishing

dansingGenius(tm) came about as the collaborative efforts of John and Donna, and here you will find information and products of their creative endeavors. It is their intent and mission to help bring more Light and Love, Understanding, Insight, and Empowerment into the lives of all they touch.


The Genius Frequency Online Store!

Tell the world you've tapped into Your Genius Frequency by sporting this logo by the author of "The Genius Frequency," John J. Falone!

At our online store, you will find apparel (such as the T-Shirt pictured at the right), coffee mugs, hats, bags, posters, prints and more!

Please visit John and Donna's CafePress.com store by clicking on the logo!.

Black T-Shirt

I'm PayPal Verified

I'm PayPal Verified!


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